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Brushes are to makeup as chocolate is to peanut butter. Cheesy comparison, I know. I'm a nerd. Personally, I believe that makeup brushes are as important as your skin, when it comes to anything beauty. It is crucial to use tools that you understand and are unafraid to experiment with. Brushes should always be of high quality and should make applying makeup both fun and effortless. Now, when I say high quality, it doesn't always necessarily mean a high price. But just remember that your tools are an investment.

I also believe that there is no such thing as too many brushes. Especially if you happen to be a makeup artist. It is so important to take care of your brushes and treat them well. Cleaning and sanitizing your brushes correctly (emphasis on correctly), will make your life easier and will ensure your brushes have a long and functioning life. Not to mention, diminish any kind of bacteria. You want to be both diligent and gentle when cleaning your brushes. Left over bacteria is not healthy for your brushes, your skin and the skin of your clients.

I wanted to share my favourite brushes that I use on a daily basis. I want to talk about why I love them, how I use them and how multi purpose they are. Which I think is very important; for your tools to be multi purpose. When a brush can perform more than one task, it speaks on how versatile they are and their quality.

Brushes for the Face

Morphe E7

This brush has a flat top and it is quite dense. It's also shaped on an angle. It is perfect for buffing product into the skin. I use this brush to buff foundation on to the face. It does the job for you and it blends beautifully. The size of the brush is perfect for foundation because it is not too big or small for the face. The E7 is great for applying product in small layers, as well. Not only is this brush great for foundation but it is also great for applying a cream contour because of it's angled shape.

Sephora Pro 58

The best way I can describe the unique shape of this brush is that it is shaped like a big pencil. To be honest, the shape of it is what caught my attention. It has a nice tip which enables you to get into the narrow points or areas of the face. It blends well and it works the best with any cream products, in my opinion. I like to use this brush to apply and blend out any corrector or concealer to the face, especially under the eyes and nose areas. After I apply product to those areas (with this brush), I follow it up with the use of the Beauty Blender. Side note: my Beauty Blender is really dirty right now and I felt that it was unnecessary to post a photo of one, since we all know what it looks like. The Pro 58 brush and the Beauty Blender are a magical team. Try it! This brush is also great with applying cream contour to the cheek bones and nose.

Morphe M438

What I really enjoy about the M438 is that its flexible. This brush is really soft but it can be used to pack product on because of the shape. It is quite sturdy at the root but it is flexible at the end. My favourite way to use this brush is for powder. You can apply a light layer of powder or do the intense baking method with it. Because it's not a large brush, it forces you to pay attention to detail on the face. The M438 is great for applying powder contour and highlight.

MAC #159

Ahh, the #159, I could talk about this brush for hours! Personally, brushes really teach me how I like my makeup to look and what techniques to do and I feel that this brush has taught me a lot. The #159 is a mineralize brush and what that means is that it is made up of synthetic and natural hair. The synthetic is porous which means it will grab onto product well, especially cream. It has a soft rounded shape which I enjoy because it helps to keep the makeup from looking harsh. I prefer to use this brush for cream contour. It is very effortless and it blends beautifully. The #159 can be used to apply concealer, foundation as well as any (liquid or cream) primer, blush and highlight.

Morphe M529

This tear dropped shaped brush is both sturdy and soft. It doesn't offer a lot of movement but it blends well. The M529 is perfect to use for shading product on the face. I like to use this brush to apply bronzer. I'm a fan of bronzer that looks light and natural and I feel this brush helps me achieve just that! The M529 works well with applying powder, blush and highlight.

Sephora Pro 49

This brush was recommended to me by one of the wonderful girls that works at Sephora. I asked her to show me what her favourite brush was and she was gushing over this one. Naturally, I had to have it and I have to say that, I see why she loves it so much. The Pro 49 brush has an angled shape, and is flexible with a lot of movement to it. I use this brush for applying blush, because this brush is the perfect size for the cheeks. Feel free to use this brush for applying powder, bronzer and contour to the face.

Morphe M510

The cutest brush I own, hands down! The shape of this brush is also interesting to me; it has a small root with the hairs coming up and out. It holds a lot of movement and can be used to apply product lightly or pack it on, using the side of the brush. The top of the brush can be used to blend product out. Personally, I love the way this brush applies a powder highlight. It offers me control and since I like a lot of glow, I can use this brush to apply the highlight in layers (If you can't tell by now that I apply makeup in small layers). You can use this brush to apply powder and contour to the skin.

Brushes for the Eyes

Morphe E23

The E23 is a treasure of a brush! This brush was the best impulse buy I ever made. It is a "larger than most" blending brush. It has light movement and is quite sturdy. Blends the product beautifully on skin. This brush gets used for so many things: 1.To apply concealer under the eyes or nose area. 2. To apply eyeshadow primer on the eyes. 3. To apply eyeshadow lightly all over the lid, in the crease. 4. Literally to blend any harsh lines on your eyes or face. This is the perfect brush for someone who wants to start or expand their brush collection. It is easy to use, whether you are a makeup beginner or artist.

MAC #252

Another brush that I can talk about for hours... The #252 is a flat and dense brush that is perfect for packing product on. Because it's a larger brush, it can be used on the eyes to apply any kind of primer and eyeshadow all over the lid. Perfect for the person on the go! This brush is also great for applying concealer under the eye. It is also great for carving out the brow, after filling it in. Dry or cream products, this brush blends out both formulas.

MAC #217

The magical #217. Pretty sure everyone and their grandma uses this brush and it's simply because it is an amazing brush to have. If you notice in the photo above, there are 4 #217 brushes and that is because I am serious about this brush. To be honest, I will buy more, simply because it is a blending brush and I feel that it is essential to have a lot of them. The #217 is the perfect size and shape to blend eyeshadow on the eye or in the crease. If you are running late and only have one eyeshadow to work with, just grab the #217 and lightly sweep the shadow all over the eye. This brush is also great at applying any concealer or powder under the eye.

Morphe M514

A slightly smaller and more narrow version of the #217. The M514 is the perfect blending brush for the crease. If you have a smaller eye or you enjoy doing a lot of cut crease or attention to detail eye looks, this is the brush for you. This brush is great for blending out and smoking out shadow on the lower lash line as well.

Sigma E45

Like the Morphe M514, this bush is a more of a narrow blending brush. But the E45 tapers in at the top. This gives you more control when using the brush. I use this brush for crease work, more so to pack the colour for intensity, in the crease and lower lash line. This brush is great for contouring the nose, because the top of the brush is tapered.

MAC #219

 A small tapered brush perfect for detail on the eye. I like to call this the bullet brush because it is shaped like a bullet and is perfect for small areas. I use this brush, mostly for eye work. It is great in the crease to pack colour on, in the tear duct to apply a highlight. Great for adding and blending colour out in the lower lash line. The #219 is a very easy brush to use that does the job for you.

Real Techniques Accent Brush

An oldie but a goodie, this is a very tiny brush that is great for any detail oriented work. It does not taper like the #219, but it has a rounded top. The brush is quite thin, which makes it excellent for applying a grungy and soft eyeliner. I also use this brush to apply shadow very closely to the lower lash line. If you ever want to blend out liner in the water line, this brush is an excellent choice for the job!

MAC #266

The #266 is angled eye liner brush; plain and simple. This is the only angled brush that I own, that I use on a regular basis. Perfect for applying eyeshadow as eyeliner and gel liner. The angled shape makes eyeliner very easy, especially for beginners, or those who aren't quite confident with winged liner. This brush is great for filling in sparse areas in the brows.

MAC #210

An extremely small and thin brush for applying liquid and gel eye liner. This brush has a lot of movement so it gives you the freedom to be creative and create all kind of liners. Such a great brush to experiment with winged liner, especially. This brush taught me how to create dramatic 
Arabic cat eyes. It also taught me to just be free and play with my liner. I also like to use this brush to apply freckles to the face because, why not?

Hope you've enjoyed my very long post on my brushes. If you have any questions about these or any other brushes, feel free to ask! 

Please Note: All photos belong to me.

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