Runway Inspiration: Reem Acra Fall/Winter 2016 - 2017


Before I even begin, I have to warn whoever reads my posts, that this is going to be a long one. Longer than the usual. I really believe that fashion is subjective. Not everyone is going to like what I do and vice versa. Regardless, I'm going to post the fashion that I love and that inspires me because that is what gives me my own personal sense of style.

Reem Acra collection has got to be one of the most inspiring and beautiful collections I have ever seen. I had issues picking which pieces I liked the most because I love all of them. Imaginative, dreamy, inspiring, beautiful, luxurious are all the words (and more) that I can use to describe this collection. The pieces were very slinky and sexy, almost looking like pieces of lingerie that are turning into clothes. The use of lace, silk and the amazing attention to detail is so extraordinary.

The following photos are my favourite pieces of the show.

Canary yellow is so beautiful.

Love this moody blue/grey. Look at that detail.


This beading, that lace...


Ready to start crying now...

Love the creative shape of this!

Obsessed with this one!

At this point, I just couldn't handle it anymore...

Watch entire collection: 

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