Mostar & Croatia


It was time, time for another trip! Back in late March I went on a vacation with my family. We decided to go home, visit some family and of course, explore. We were away for 2 weeks and every day was filled with adventure and joy. I don't know what it is about travelling, but it really makes me feel alive and happy... it makes me feel most like myself.

The first 5 days of the trip were spent in a little city called Mostar. Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Which happens to be my birth place and where I spent the first 10 years of my life. It was very strange to be there, just because everything is so different when you're so little, compared to when you're an adult. The whole time there was spent with family.

Mostar. It's the city of rock. Absolutely beautiful, so much culture!

The effects of war. It was sad to see this. 

Stari Most which translates to "old bridge". A gorgeous view in Mostar.

After Mostar, we went on the longest ride ever to Dubrovnik, Croatia. I have to say that Dubrovnik was my favourite. If you have ever thought about going to Dubrovnik, I say don't even think, just go. Dubrovnik is a magical place. The city is surrounded by the sea. There is so much history and culture. So much to see, to learn and to explore.

The architecture is breath taking. There are lots of cute shops and so much delicious food. The best part is that your view is this.

I was really happy. I didn't know where to look.

I've always been obsessed with art so visiting churches is a must for me - they are filled with artwork. This church in particular was huge, the photos do not show it well enough. Construction began in 1699 and was completed in 1725. 

I couldn't stop staring at the ceiling. I wonder what it would be like to paint something like that. So inspiring!

This was a different church. Smaller but just as beautiful and different.

Love that detail!

We had some espresso by the water. Espresso is a new obsession of mine. I have to say the coffee in Europe is incomparable to what I've had in North America.

Dubrovnik as the sun was setting. 

The view from our hotel room.

Sadly, we were only in Dubrovnik for a day. We got to see a lot but I can't wait to come back and see even more! Next stop, Makarska. Again, we were here only for a day (visiting family), but I managed to take a couple of photos.

Beautiful view of Makarska

Trogir was the next city we went to. We stayed here for the reminder of our trip but drove to different cities we wanted to check out. Trogir is a small town with lots of character and history. I was told that they filmed parts of Game of Thrones here.

15th century castle

It was closed but I decided to take a photo through the key hole. Too curious for my own good. 

Enjoying the beautiful sunshine and weather with my sister.

I love the palm trees.

Taken at a tourist shop in Trogir. It was filled with beautiful sea side items. I couldn't buy it, I feel they belong in the water. But I'm a total hypocrite, I did buy a shell.


Part of this amazing restaurant we went to in Trogir. The food was delicious and the people were so friendly. What a view.

This sweet little baby that I had the pleasure of sharing my food with. Croatia is filled with cats and I shared my food with a lot of them. 

Next, we went to Split. I've been to Split when I was a child and it left such an impression on me. Naturally, I was really excited to go back. It was so beautiful. Split is a bigger city than any of the other cities we visited.

A lot of Roman influence. How beautiful is this?

Wish I spoke Latin, it would be useful here.

Exploring with my sister.

I was really drawn to this building and I think it is because of the sculptures.

We had lunch here. The food was excellent!

Sibenik, Croatia. A city I've never been to. Just like all the others, it was filled with history and beauty at every corner.

A beautiful place to have an espresso at.

Church under construction.

This stained glass was so stunning. Photo does not do it justice. 

We climbed St. Michael's Fortress in Sibenik. Construction lasted from the 15th-17th century. It is 70m above sea level.

The view from the top.

Note: All photos belong to me.

That's all folks! I hope this post was enjoyable for whoever reads it. I hope it inspires you in your every day life. I hope it gives you the courage to go somewhere new and explore. Personally, I love to travel and I wish I could travel for a living. There is so much to see and do on this extraordinary planet that we are so fortunate to live on.

Wish you all safe and adventurous travels!

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