Bastille Day


I just had to get on here and talk for a moment.

I can't believe what happened in Nice on the 14th. I can't believe what is happening in our world. So many innocent people have lost their lives... I cannot wrap my head around it. It makes me so sad that violence, hate and anger are the prominent issues on our planet. The human race is better than that. If we can hate, we can also love... 

Today I came home from work, and my and my sister informs me of what has now happened in Turkey. It's just constant, it is spreading like wild fire. 42 people have died in Turkey and 84 were killed in France... I just don't understand. Violence is never going to bring peace. Anyways, I'm going to stop blabbing on!

I'm thinking of everyone in Nice and in France. My prayers and thoughts are with you, your loved ones and the ones that have passed on. I send nothing but love your way...

My prayers and love go to Turkey, I hope everyone is safe... And to every corner of our world, as much as there is bad, there is much more good <3 

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