Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits: That Glow & Sun Dipped


The infamous highlighting kits from ABH! I wanted to do a review on these bad boys since I bought them. But I thought it would be better to do a review after I've really used and experienced them.
Currently I have 2 which are That Glow and Sun Dipped. I first bought That Glow in the beginning of March. I was really excited to purchase this especially because I was travelling that month and I knew that it would give me the perfect opportunity to play with the palette! I purchased Sun Dipped in June so needless to say, I have had a lot of play time with both palettes.

These palettes retail for $52 CAN. Each palette weighs 74 grams which is a large amount and should last you a long time.

The back of That Glow (left) and Sun Dipped (right) and their colour information.

That Glow. Top row (l to r) Sunburst and Golden Bronze. Bottom row (l to r) Bubbly and Dripping in Gold.

That Glow in natural sunlight.

That Glow palette contains shades that are more of a golden tone and are perfect for light, medium and some dark skin tones that have more of a yellow or golden undertone.

That Glow swatches (l to r) Sunburst, Golden Bronze, Bubbly and Dripping in Gold.

The colours I reach for the most in That Glow palette are Bubbly and Dripping Gold. Which is funny to me, because I feel that they are similar. Dripping Gold has more of a golden tone than Bubbly.

Sun Dipped. Top row (l to r) Bronzed and Summer. Bottom row (l to r) Tourmaline and Moonstone.

Sun Dipped in natural sunlight.

Sun Dipped palette contain shades that are very neutral. I feel that this palette is great for all skin colours and undertones.

Sun Dipped swatches (l to r) Bronzed, Summer, Tourmaline and Moonstone.

I'm kind of biased with this palette because I do love it more than That Glow. The ones that I reach for the most are Tourmaline and Moonstone. I have to say that Tourmaline is a very unique and beautiful colour. It holds a special place in my heart!

These highlighters have a very creamy and buttery formula. A little goes a long way and they blend easily. These shades can be applied on the eyes as eyeshadows as well. Which I have done many times and they look beautiful. These palettes are great for people who love highlighters or if you're like me and you cannot get enough of rose gold, bronze and golden tones. They are wonderful for travel and for those of you who like a product that has multiple uses. The reality is that if you have these 2 palettes, you don't need any more highlighters. You can create any colour by mixing them together as well. But if you're a highlighter junkie, you know that you will probably buy more. The struggle of glowing!

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