Illamasqua Pigments


I am a total sucker for pigments and I always will be. They are just beautiful, the purest colour saturation you can get. What is so amazing about them is that you can wear them anywhere, in any way you like. The possibility and creativity is endless when it comes to pigments. One of my all time favourite pigments come from Illamasqua. I find that these are so underrated and I don't understand why because I think they're amazing. Illamasqua overall, is such a fun and artistry based brand. Here in Canada, it doesn't exist. Illamasqua used to be available in Hudson's Bay but it is no longer. Now, I buy all of my Illamasqua goodies from: For those of you who are lucky enough to live in Europe and/or England, feel free to shop from their home address:

Now, I don't own their entire pigment line. If you are interested in their colour range, check out the Illamasqua or Beauty Bay links I provided above. I believe they have in total 10 pigments in their collection and I own 4. Please keep in mind that Illamasqua carries all 10 in stock but Beauty Bay only carries 7.

Most of the time, I'm not someone who will purchase a product for it's packaging. Of course, beautiful packaging is presentation and that is important in the beauty industry but I'm more concerned with the product inside. But I have to say that the packaging for these pigments is so beautiful and really unique.

I will say that when you are opening your pigment, please be careful like you would be with any product, especially pigments. Because they are finely milled, it's very easy for them to spill everywhere. Just keep in mind to open them slowly. All of Illamasqua's pigments do come with a stopper which is necessary with any powder product. The pigments I own (as shown above) are Ore, Berber, Static and Alluvium.

On Beauty Bay, these retail for $19.50 CAN and on Illamasqua, they retail for $29.95 CAN. All containers carry 1.3 g of pigment. Because pigments are so highly concentrated, you don't need a lot, therefor these pigments will last you a very long time.

Working with these, I have found that I really love to layer them with cream products. When you are using a cream product with a pigment, it really intensifies the colour of the pigment. You can even mix and match the pigments together. They are also fun to add in a gloss or on top of a lipstick, for they will give the lips a different look. They do contain sparkle/glitter but it is not chunky and it never translates that way on the eyes.


Static is a white pearl with a violet iridescence. This pigment was the very first one I bought from Illamasqua. It is gorgeous on top of any creamy base. Static is ideal for making any eyeshadow look pop. Adding this pigment to anything, will make it that much more special.


Berber is a cherry red. The first time I saw this, I knew I needed it. Red is one of my favourite colours to play with, especially on the eyes. Out of all the Illamsqua pigments that I own, this one has to be my favourite to experiment with. If you want to see this pigment in action, I did a tutorial using Berber a while back:


Ore is a bronze with lots of gold to it. Out of all my Illamasqua pigments, this one is every day friendly. Ore also makes a killer smokey eye. I also did a tutorial using this pigment so if you want to check it out, click this link:


Alluvium is a deep sea blue with gold flecks. This one I bought while I was on vacation in Croatia. I love to wear Alluvium in the lower lash line to add a pop of colour. Also, incorporating a gold liner will really make the gold flecks in the pigment, pop out.

Close up photos of all 4 pigments.

Top to bottom: Alluvium, Ore, Berber and Static pigments.

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