Runway Inspiration: Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2017


Today, I want to share the Elie Saab collection. It is such a fun one! My favourite element of this collection is the rich green. Of course, I enjoy the fabrics...lace and velvet with lots of detail!

My favourite pieces:

I love this rich green. Especially on the dress, on the left.

The detailing on the coat is beautiful!

I love the bodysuit on the left

The black lace dress on the left is exquisite

Wow, the green!! Love the flow of the fabric!

Velvet suits are all the rage...

I love love this gorgeous lace dress! Especially how you get a peek of the polka dot on the sleeves!

That green jacket is gorgeous! I love the detailing on the arms.

Love the fur jacket. Don't know if it's real or faux. But I would prefer it more if it was faux.

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