Parallel Worlds


To be honest, I really don't have a solid inspiration for this look. This was something purely experimental. I wanted to play with lines and liner. There are so many different ways of doing the eyeliner look and I wanted to do something that wasn't considered the typical liner. This might look complex but this was easy to do! Just remember it is important to take it step by step, if eyeliner makes you nervous. Don't rush it and have fun!

Products Used


  • MAC #210 Brush: when it comes to a look that will give the eye a shape, I like to start with it head on. The eyeliner is going to be the main portion of our look. To create this, I would recommend a brush, which was the MAC #210 for me. This eyeliner brush is really thin and small and it gives you the creative freedom to create whatever eyeliner your heart desires.
  • MAC Basic Red Chromaline Gel liner: absolutely love this product! It is the perfect consistency because it does not dry up and make the liner thick or goopy. It is creamy enough to glide on the eye, but stays put. I began by drawing a thin line on the lid. Starting off at the inner corner of the eye and slowly bringing the brush further up from the lash line, extending the liner across the lid. To create the liner in the crease, it is important to look down at a mirror. This will ensure that you will see the whole perimeter of your eye. With the crease liner, I again started at the inner corner. Take this part slow and use a light touch, to give yourself a guideline of how you want your liner to look. Remember that you can always go into the gel liner and add more product to make your look prominent! That is the trick to a look like this. When applying the liner, I just followed my natural crease, but slightly above the crease. This way the eyeliner will show, whether you look down or straight on at your mirror. Approaching the outer corner, I was using a minimal amount of product, which will ensure a clean line.
  • Kat Von D Pink Opal Highlight: this was applied on the tear duct, brown bone and top lash line (under the liner).
  • Lit Cosmetics Heartbreaker Glitter: this step is completely optional, but I wanted some sparkle! Heartbreaker was applied to the lower lash line, keeping the majority of it in the outer corner. Just to add some weight and texture to the crease, I applied some glitter to the outer corner (of the crease), above the liner.

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