I really love texture in makeup. And you can use many materials to create texture. Whether it is oil, glitter, beads or even plastic... the possibilities are endless! I had these pink beads sitting around in my makeup kit for years. So why not put them to use and create a fun and feminine look? This is what I came up with...

Products Used

  • MAC Platinum Pigment: this pigment is one of my favourites! Using a flat brush, Platinum was applied only on the lid, avoiding the crease.
  • MAC Lovely Lily Pigment: because this look is pink heavy, I wanted to add a different colour. Unfortunately, this pigment is long gone, but any lilac or holographic purple/lilac colour will give the same result. This pigment was applied to the tear duct and brow bone.
  • Makeup Geek Tuscan Sun Eyeshadow: for a touch of warmth, Tuscan Sun was applied all over the crease. You can also use this eyeshadow to blend out the brighter colours, if you don't want your makeup to look too bright.
  • Makeup Geek Fashion Addict Eyeshadow: blended onto the outer crease and corner of the eyes and dragged to the lower lash line. Fashion Addict eyeshadow makes this look very feminine!
  • Kiss Lashes in Graceful: cut to fit the eye and applied to the lash base.
  • Pink Beads: these beads are used to almost mimic a liner on the eye. But there are no rules, you can achieve any pattern you wish. These were applied using lash glue, a little goes a long way. I believe these were purchased from a fabric store!

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